Borderless Skills

Over the years, there’s been a major challenge in Nigeria, where 2.9 million graduates and postgraduates from Nigerian tertiary institutions are unemployed. Many transitioned into tech hoping to find survival, but 28% of these graduates who learned tech skills are still jobless. Why? They have no portfolio to show and are not positioned for real-life project handling.

These recurrent challenges, not limited to Nigeria but also across African countries, created a passion in the founder for a platform where people will not only learn a tech skill from an expert but also get attached to a company for an internship upon course completion. This way, they can gain hands-on experience and industry connections, helping reduce unemployment even after learning several skills.

Why Borderless Skills?

In eight ways, Borderless Skills enables students to go from jobless and unprepared for the future of work to becoming global hotcakes in their chosen field.

Borderless and Convenient Learning

Learn at your own pace from anywhere with our advanced LMS. Enjoy flexible, high-quality education that fits your schedule and commitments.

Increase Your Employability & Relocation Opportunities

Enhance your employability and relocation chances with our technical and transferable skills. Our job matching portal and community support open doors to global job markets.

Access to Free In-Person Learning

After learning, get matched with a local expert for hands-on experience and internships, boosting your employability with practical insights.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Access a wealth of resources, including a dedicated support team, extensive learning materials, and interactive forums, to support your learning journey.

Join a Global Community

Become part of a vibrant, global community of learners, professionals, and experts. Collaborate, share knowledge, and grow both personally and professionally.

Real-World Experience and Portfolio Building

Build a strong portfolio through project-based learning, virtual internships, and real-world assignments, showcasing your skills to potential employers.

Industry-Leading Instructors and Partnerships

Learn from industry experts and benefit from our strong partnerships for internships, job placements, and networking opportunities, giving you a competitive edge.

Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our programs align with key SDGs, promoting inclusive education, economic growth, and reduced inequalities, contributing to sustainable development.


Globally Sought-after skills in one place

Now it’s easier to get skilled without leaving your underpaid job. Get skilled at the comfort of your home, and become an highly sort-after tech expert or artisan globally.


Technological skills are in high demand because they are necessary for many industries.


In this 21st Century, fashion skills have evolved to include new technologies and innovative designs.


The construction industry has seen significant advancements in technology in this 21st Century.


There’s constantly an increasing demand for vehicles, and the need for skilled professionals.