Borderless Skills

Why Borderless Skills?

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Increase your chances of employability & relocation with Borderless Skills.

Lots of technical and transferable skills aiding the process of relocation, helping in finding job on our job matching portal and integrating with the community.

Access to FREE
in-person Learning

After 3 months of continuous online learning, you will be matched with the closest tech expert in your field or artisan of your choice skill, for further learning or Internship.

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Borderless and
Convenient Learning

The advanced Learning Management System (LMS) powering Borderless Skills Courses has made it possible for anyone to learn at any time and from anywhere (borderlessly).


Globally Sought-after skills in one place

Now it’s easier to get skilled without leaving your underpaid job. Get skilled at the comfort of your home, and become an highly sort-after tech expert or artisan globally.


Technological skills are in high demand because they are necessary for many industries.


In this 21st Century, fashion skills have evolved to include new technologies and innovative designs.


The construction industry has seen significant advancements in technology in this 21st Century.


There’s constantly an increasing demand for vehicles, and the need for skilled professionals.