Borderless Skills

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Become a Global Virtual Assistant (With No Experience)

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About Course

Welcome to our transformative course, where we guide you through unlocking the key skills essential to becoming an exceptional Virtual Assistant. Upon completing this program, you will not only grasp the core responsibilities and qualities that define a great VA but also gain a deep understanding of your strengths and areas for growth in this dynamic role.


Immerse yourself in a curriculum that delves into the art of proactive communication, resourcefulness, grit, and fostering a growth mindset – attributes that distinguish top-tier VAs. From managing inboxes to creating compelling presentations, conducting internet research to creating travel itineraries, and mastering Google Workspace and other seasoned VA tools, we ensure you’re well-versed in both soft and technical skills crucial for success.


Explore niche areas within the VA Marketplace, from Social Media Management to Project Management, Event Planning, Writing, Proofreading, and Editing. Gain insight into the distinctions between conventional employment and contractual engagements, and equip yourself with the knowledge to forge a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile, tailoring your approach to either conventional VA roles or contract opportunities.


As you progress, gain hands-on experience as an intern VA, solidifying your expertise and enhancing your marketability. By the course’s end, you’ll not only possess a diverse skill set but also a strategic plan for stepping confidently into the world of VA employment.


Are you tired of being limited by borders when it comes to earning money? Your wait is over!

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What Will You Learn?

  • ● You will have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and functions inherent to the role of a Virtual Assistant.
  • ● Identify personal strengths and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness essential for professional development as a Virtual Assistant
  • ● Cultivate essential soft skills, including proactive communication, resourcefulness, grit, and a growth mindset, embodying the characteristics of highly effective Virtual Assistants
  • ● Develop proficiency in key technical skills, encompassing inbox management, calendar management, and scheduling, outstanding presentation creation, internet research, project management, travel coordination, data entry, meeting agenda creation, and minute-taking
  • ● Gain hands-on experience and proficiency in utilizing Google Workspace, a vital suite of software applications frequently employed by Virtual Assistants.
  • ● Explore and understand various niche areas within the Virtual Assistant domain, including Social Media Management, Project Management, Event Planning, and writing roles.
  • ● Learn the art of crafting a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile tailored to secure both employment-based Virtual Assistant positions and contract-based opportunities.
  • ● Gain practical experience and expertise through internship opportunities, enhancing practical skills and preparing for a successful transition into professional Virtual Assistance roles.
  • ● You will develop a comprehensive and valuable skill set, encompassing a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and abilities essential for success in the dynamic and evolving field of Virtual Assistance.

Course Content

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

  • Who is a Virtual Assistant?
  • How Does a Virtual Assistant Work?
  • Who is a virtual assistant Quiz

Why Become a Virtual Assistant?

Essential Skills of a VA

Soft Skills, Technical Skills & Tools

What makes a good VA

A Closer Look at Soft Skills (Confidentiality and Discretion, Communication Basics, Excellence and Quality Work, Time Management, Prioritization)

Skill Mapping (Students will have to check their soft skills, what they have, and what they should have

Essential VA Tools & Technical Skills ( Clients inbox Management, Google Workspace(calendar, drive, Gmail, docs, sheets. Slides, forms), Calendar Management, presentation creation)

Ethics of Videoconferencing with google meet and zoom

Planning, Researching & Booking Travel

Meeting Agendas creation and Minutes taking

Data entry

Internet Research

Project management

Writing VA cover letters.

Social Media Management

File Management

Earn a certificate

Enhance your resume with a globally recognized certificate and unlock remote opportunities worldwide.

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