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Artificial Intelligence Jumpstart Bootcamp
Hone your technical skills with the fundamentals of Aritificial Intelligence, Get Certified & maintain your relevance.

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Business growth webinar for business owners & aspiring entreprenuers

Virtual | Free

Upskilling African Female
Teenagers: A USA-Based
Teenager’s Mission

Virtual | Free

Smart Marketing:
Combining Human
Expertise with AI Tools

Virtual | Free

Women in Tech
Program (v2): Elevating
Women in the Tech Industry

Humans & AI Tools: Enhancing product development and marketing.

While AI tools possess immense potential to enhance marketing strategies, they require human intervention to effectively develop &market products and services.

Past Events & Webinars

Learn to solve global tech problems with No-Code Solutions

Women in Tech Fellowship:
Empowering and Elevating
Women in the Tech Industry

Leveraging AI Tools with
Human Creativity for
Product Management

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