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Startup Businesses, Growing Businesses, Aspiring entrepreneurs and Prospective service providers.

₦85,000 ₦60,000

Traffic Generation Bundle

59 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Enhancing Conversion Rates - Strategies for Optimizing Pages to Maximize Conversions
  • Intro to Conversion Concepts
  • Conversion Optimization Tools and Methods
  • Conversion Optimization Tweaking and Testing
  • Introduction to Conversion Optimization
Creating and Executing Facebook Native Ad Campaigns for Your Business
  • Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Native Ads Overview
  • How To Create The Ads
  • Marketing Objectives
Creating and Launching Twitter Ad Campaigns for Your Business
  • Creating & Launching The Ad
  • Twitter Ad Groups & Targeting
  • Twitter Campaign Objectives & Details
  • Twitter Timeline Advertising
Guide to drive targeted traffic with banner advertising
  • Banner Ad Goals
  • Banner Advertising Overview
  • Creating Banner Ads
  • Running Banner Ad Campaigns
How to launch Search Engine Ad Campaigns with Google AdWords
  • Creating Adwords Groups & Keywords
  • Creating The Ad
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Overview
Effortless Traffic Solutions: Straightforward Traffic Generation methods that anyone can follow
  • ad_swaps_practical
  • ad_swaps_theory
  • article_marketing_practicalold
  • blog_hopping_practical
  • blog_hopping_theory
  • blogging_practical
  • blogging_theory
  • email_marketing_theory
  • facebook_groups_practical
  • facebook_groups_theory
  • forum_marketing practical
  • forums_theory
  • free_reports
  • free_reports_practical
  • giveaways_theory
  • guest_blogging_practical
  • guest_blogging_theory
  • integration_marketing_practical
  • integration_marketing_theory
  • joint_ventures_practical
  • jvs_theory
  • link_exchange_practical
  • link_exchange_theory
  • seo_practical
  • seo_theory
  • signatures_practical
  • signatures_theory
  • Simple Traffic Solutions 2018
  • social_networking_practical
  • social_networking_theory
  • video_marketing_practical
  • video_marketing_thoery
  • viral_marketing_practical
  • viral_marketing_theory
  • wom_theory
  • word_of_mouth_practical
Generating Website Traffic - Techniques to Drive Visitors to Your Site
  • overview Of Traffic Methods
  • Best Practices
  • Mistakes to Avoid Introduction to Traffic Generation


Lead Generation Bundle

79 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Advanced Automation of Engagement with Aweber
  • Tag Based Campaigns
  • Tagging Through Forms
  • Manually Tagging Existing Subscribers
  • Setting Up Stripe
  • Bulk Tagging Existing Subscribers
  • Moving-Copying Subscribers From One Campaign to Another
  • Trigger Campaigns with Tags
  • Broadcasting To a Tag Segment
  • Adding Previously Sent Broadcasts to A Campaign
  • Customers Resinging Up For Your List
  • Taging Customers Through An API
  • Live Example – New Subscriber Campaign
  • Live Example – Message Creation
  • Live Example – Campaign Creation – Trigger
  • Campaign Trigger Customization
  • Live Example – Message Send and Selection
  • Live Example – Wait Time
  • Live Example – Applying Tags and Saving Campaign
  • Live Example – Sending A Broadcast After The Campaign
  • Conclusion
Engagement with Aweber through Automation
  • Overview
  • List Creation and Settings
  • List Creation and Settings – Part 2
  • Importing Subscribers
  • Forms
  • Sending Broadcasts – Part 1
  • Sending Broadcasts – Part 2
  • Follow Ups
  • Blog Broadcasts
  • Basic Automation
  • Tracking
  • Reports
  • Parsing and Integrations
  • Introduction to Campaigns
  • Creating Campaign Messeges
  • Creating a Trigger and Using the Canvas
  • Choosing Actions
  • Customize the Action
  • Activation and Editing
  • Conclusion and Wait Time
Harnessing the Power of Sales Webinars to Attract More Customers to Your Business
  • Introduction to Sales Webinars
  • Automated VS Live Sales Webinars
  • Sales Videos Tips and Tricks Sales Webinars Course Overview

Immanent list building: Collecting Leads in the US Effortlessly
  • Immanent List Building Concept
  • Immanent List Building Tools & Setup
  • Immanent List Building Immanent List Building Intro

Lead Generation Strategies: Effective Lead Collection and List Building
  • Creating The Best Lead Magnets
  • Creating Your Own landing pages
  • Traffic and Optimization Lead Generation – Overview
Lead Generation Masterclass
  • Introduction to Upviral and Lead Gen Applications
  • UpViral Pricing
  • Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  • Setting Up an Integration with Zapier
  • E-Mail List Verify Integration
  • Setting Up A Custom Domain
  • Starting a New Campaign
  • Campaign Sharing and Actions
  • Campaign Sharing and Action – Custom
  • Share Messages
  • Design Page
  • Campaign Communications
  • Campaign Autoresponder Settings
  • Campaign Advanced Settings – Tracking Codes
  • Campaign Advanced Setting – Terms-Misc-Geotarget
  • Campaigns Set Up On Your Website
  • Campaign Set Up for Existing Subscribers
  • Campaign Detail UTM
  • Launch Your Campaign
  • Campaign Reporting
How to Create Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Advance Email Automation
  • Creating The Email Campaign
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Email Marketing Overview
Growing Your Business with Messenger Marketing: Utilizing ManyChat
  • How to Setup & Connect Your ManyChat Account
  • Overview of the ManyChat Platform
  • How to Setup Your First Messenger Broadcast Introduction to Messenger Marketing

Video Marketing- Maximizing Business Growth through Video Marketing Techniques
  • Brief Intro to Video Marketing
  • Organic Video Marketing
  • Video Production Introduction to Video Marketing


Product Development Bundle

23 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

  • Introduction to Canva
  • Apply For the Canva Affiliate Program
  • Plans and Pricing for Canva
  • Open a Canva Account
  • Download the Application
  • Searching Canva for A Template Type
  • Custom Size
  • Adding Elements To Your Design
  • Adding Your Own Content
  • Adding Your Own Content From Facebook To A Design
  • Create a Video With Canva
  • Adding and Customizing Design Text
  • Document Page Customization Elements
  • Using the File Menu When Customizing Documents
  • Elements of the Pro Version Interpersed
  • Canva Applications and Integrations
  • Output Design to Download
  • Output Design to Presentation
  • Output Design Direct to Social Media and More
  • Output to Printed Merchandise
Product Creation - How to create your own digital Products
  • Why Create Your Own Products
  • Digital Product Types and Formats
  • The Product Creation Process Introduction to Digital Product Creation


Website Design Bundle

24 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

How to create an awesome website for your business
  • Essential Website Pages
  • Page Design Process
  • Website Design Overview
  • Website Design Tools and Platforms
WordPress Playbook
  • Quick Start Introduction
  • Using Plugin and Theme Search
  • Securing the SSL
  • Wordfence
  • Akismet Set Up
  • Privacy
  • Backup – Updraft
  • Rollback
  • Turn Your Site Into An Online Forum
  • Creating and Hiding Your Long Links
  • Setting Up a Paid or Free Membership
  • Setting Up an E-Mail From Your Hosting
  • Protect Your Membership Page Content
  • Zapier Connections – Part One
  • Zapier Connections – Part Two
  • Incorporate Your Podcast
  • Create an Online Course Platform
  • Gamify The Stie Experience – Part One
  • Gamify the Site Experience – Part Two – Earn Points
  • Automate Your Plugins Without Zapier


The Art of Advertising Bundle

12 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

How to Develop a GEO-Targeted Advertising Campaign
  • An Introduction to Geographic Targeting Strategies
  • Conducting Preliminary Research for GEO-Targeted Ads

  • Mastering GEO-Targeting on Facebook

  • Utilizing GEO-Targeting Techniques with Google Ads

Boosting Sales through Effective Paid Traffic Strategies
  • Executing Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Optimizing Google Search Ad Campaigns
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Launching Banner Ads
  • Introduction to Paid Traffic Methods

Precision Ad Targeting: A Comprehensive Approach to Reaching Your Target Audience
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Precision Ad Targeting
  • Harnessing the Power of GEO Targeting
  • Exploring Demographics, Interests, and Placements for Effective Ad Targeting
  • Introduction to Precision Ad Targeting Strategies


₦85,000 ₦60,000

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Bundle

8 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

How to optimize your pages and boost conversions for your business
  • Analyzing Split Testing Results
  • Split Testing Elements
  • Split Testing Overview
  • Split Testing Variations
Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite And Offsite Optimization
  • Overview Of Search Optimization
  • SEO Tools


Internet Marketing Bundle

60 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

The Workshop for New Marketers 1
  • Niche Intersection
  • Niche Research Sites
  • Domains and Subdirectories
  • Set Up a Branded E-Mail Address
  • Connect Your New E-Mail To Your Client
  • An Easy to Start Blogging Platform
  • Website Alternatives
  • Information Marketing Platform
  • Choosing an Autoresponder or E-Mail Marketing Service
  • Your Sales System
  • Your Payment Gateway
  • Affiliate Discovery Networks and MMO
  • Landing Page Systems
  • Manage Your E-Mail Box
  • Membership Platforms and Product Delivery
  • Cloud Based Storage
  • Steaming Video to Your Customer
  • Your Support Desk or System
  • ChatGPT and HTML
  • Conclusion
The Workshop for New Marketers 2
  • Setting Up Your Autoresponder
  • Setting Up an Autoresponder Company Landing Page
  • Setting Up Your Autoresponder with a Landing Page Creator
  • Set Up Your Autoresponder with A Course Platform
  • WordPress Based Landing Page Creator
  • Adding a Form To Your WordPress Page
  • Adding Your Autoresponder to Your Course Platform Sales System
  • Connect Your Autoresponder To Your Shopping Cart
  • Connect Your Autoresponder to Your Warrior Plus Account
  • Connect Your Autoresponder to Your JVzoo Account
  • Be Specific About the Opt-In Experience
  • Be Intentional About the Opt-In Confirmation E-Mail
  • Tags and Segments
  • E-Mail Automation
  • Adding Tags to Your Sales System
  • Adding Tags To Your Membership Platform
  • What Tagging Is Not
  • Cleaning Your List
  • Export and Back Up Your List
  • Conclusion and Importing Your List
The Workshop for New Marketers 3
  • Intro To Generative AI
  • Accessing ChatGPT
  • Mananging Your Privacy and ChatGPT
  • Exporting Your ChatGPT Data
  • Plugins for ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT
  • Using Bing Search Chat
  • Bing Image Creator
  • Self Generative AI
  • Learn How to Create Prompts Yourself
  • File Analysis – Self Generative AI
  • Midjourney
  • Using AI as a Role Player
  • Using AI as a Formatter
  • Using AI as a Proofreader
  • Using AI Proofreading Tools
  • Text to Video
  • Text To Speech
  • Apply for Google Bard Access
  • Accept the Invitation to Google Bard(2)


Blogging Bundle

4 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

The Importance of Blogging for Your Business
  • Business Blogging – Course Overview
  • Module 1 – Introduction to Blogging
  • Module 2 – Where to Blog
  • Module 3 – Blog Topics


Sales Funnel Creation Bundle

63 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Creating an Effective Sales Funnel for Your Business
  • Crafting & Splintering Your Offers
  • Creating The Funnel Pages
  • Overview Of Funnel Building Video Course
  • Planning & Choosing Your Funnel Type
Optimizing Profit Generation through ClickFunnels
  • Overview for Clickfunnels
  • Pricing Options
  • Account Settings
  • Setting Up Stripe
  • Integrations
  • SMTP
  • Funnel Dashboard
  • Editor Apps
  • Editor Sections Rows and Columns
  • Adding Audio and Video
  • Adding Content
  • Adding Timers
  • Adding In Forms and Surveys
  • Opt-In-Page-Confirm-Page
  • Download Page Set Up
  • Sales Page
  • Download Page
  • Templates
  • Conclusion
Enhancing Profitability with ClickFunnels Advanced Edition
  • Advanced Overview
  • Content Protection on Clickfunnels
  • Memberships On Clickfunnels
  • The Membership Access Page
  • The Membership Area Page
  • The Membership Content Pages
  • The Purchase E-Mail Template
  • Providing Manual Access
  • Autoresponder Service Options- Part 1
  • Autoresonder Service Options
  • JVZoo – Part 1
  • JVZoo – Part 2
  • Warrior Plus – Part 1
  • Warrior Plus – Part 2
  • Paypal – Part 1
  • Paypal – Part 2
  • Zapier Integration
  • Importing and Exporting Contacts
  • WordPress-Clickfunnels-Integration
  • Advanced Conclusion-Final-Thoughts-On-Thank-You-Pages
Mastering the Sales Funnel Playbook
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Products Inside of Your Offers
  • Upsells and Downsells in the Offer
  • Sales Pages In The Offer
  • Placing the Buy Button Code on the Page
  • Adding the No Thanks Link
  • Validatioin and Verification
  • Product In an Offer But Not in the Funnel
  • Using Your Own Buy Button in the Funnel
  • Setting Up a 2nd Funnel Within The Offer
  • Add a 2nd Buy Button to One Page in the Funnel
  • Exit Redirect and Downsell
  • Setting Up an Order Bump as an Alternative
  • Adding an Order Bump on the Course Platform
  • Adding an Upsell on a Course Platform
  • Funnel Elements That May Not Work
  • Sales Funnels In a Shopping Cart
  • Customizing Your Upsell or Download Page in a Shopping Car
  • Customizing the Downsell Page
  • Automate a Connection of A Training or Sales Webinar


E-commerce Bundle

3 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Shopify Store for Your Business
  • How to Design and Customize Your Shopify Store
  • How to Design and Customize Your Shopify Store 2
  • How to Stock Your Shopify Store With Products Introduction to Shopify and eCommerce


Social Marketing Bundle

56 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Exploring 12 recent social media platforms you can leverage for your marketing
  • TikTok, Clubhouse, Caffeine, Houseparty
  • Snapchat, Signal, Parler, MeWe
  • CloutHub, Nextdoor, CoFoundersLab Alignable Overview Of Emerging Social Media
Getting started with Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Overview
  • Creating A Custom Audience for Retargeting
  • Connecting the Audience
  • Creating The Advertisement
  • Custom Audience for Retargeting Existing Customers
  • Custom Audience for Retargeting Our Existing Customer List – Part
  • The Creative
  • Expanding Your Successful Campaign with Additional Audiences
  • Setting Up the Tracking Pixel
  • Setting Up Tracking for Offline Events
  • Setting Up Tracking for Video Engagement
  • Setting Up Tracking for Instagram
  • Setting Up Tracking for Lead Ads Forms
  • Setting Up Tracking for Individulals That Came to a Facebook Event
  • Setting Up Tracking and Individuals Interacting with our Facebook Page
  • Live Example – Create A Page
  • Live Example – Track The Page With An Audience
  • Live Example – Create an Ad Targeting The Page
  • Live Example – Create An Event on the Page
  • Live Example – Create an Audience Targeting the Event
  • Conclusion – Create an Ad
Getting Started with Facebook Ads
  • Overview
  • Creating A Page
  • Promoting The Page
  • Promoting the Page – Part 2
  • Promoting the Page – Part 3 – Video
  • Promoting Your Business Locally
  • Promoting A Specific Website – Part 1
  • Promoting A Specific Website – Part 2 – Going to Business Manager
  • Promoting A Specific Website – Part 3
  • Promoting A Specific Website – Part 4
  • Setting Up Your Payment Method
  • Collecting Lead Information with Forms
  • Using the Automated Advertising Platform
  • Creating an Audience in the Ad Platform
  • Creating An Audience From the Business Manager-Mailchimp-Import
  • Creating A Audience From A Customer List – CSV
  • Creating a Lookalike Audience
  • Creating A Saved Audience
  • Sharing An Audience With Another Business
  • Conclusion
Utilizing Social Media Marketing for Business Expansion
  • Marketing On Facebook & Instagram
  • Marketing On LinkedIn & Pinterest
  • Marketing On Twitter & YouTube
  • Social Media Marketing
Linkedin Advertising - How to advertise on LinkedIn
  • Getting Started With LinkedIn Campaign Management.mp4
  • How to Create Your LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Ad Targeting & Budget
  • LinkedIn Advertising Overview
LinkedIn marketing - How to increase your reach with LinkedIn organic marketing
  • Brief Overview Of LinkedIn
  • How to Leverage Personal Profiles & Groups
  • How to Set Up & Use a LinkedIn Business Account
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Organic Marketing


Income Opportunity Bundle

35 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Side Hustles - Guide to boost your income with a side hustle
  • The Side Hustles Concept
  • Online Side Hustle Ideas
  • Offline Side Hustle Ideas Overview Of Side Hustles
The Udemy Playbook
  • Introduction to Udemy
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Start the Course Creation Process
  • Intended Learners Section
  • Course Structure Section
  • Setting Up the Course Curriculum
  • Lecture Descriptions
  • Lecture Resources
  • Course Landing Page Parameters
  • Course Image
  • Course Promotional Video
  • Course Messages and Welcome
  • Course Completion and Instructor Payments Set Up
  • Submit Your Course For Review
  • Approval Message and Free Preview Videos
  • Reply Message From the Udemy Team To the Product Submission
  • Course Promotional Tools
  • Course Preview
  • Communications with Students
  • Bonus Lecture for Your Course
  • BONUS – How to Understand the Use of PLR
Udemy Masterclass
  • Your Role as a Udemy Instructor
  • Become a Master Practitioner
  • The Rules of Internet Marketing
  • Udemy and Direct Response
  • Educational Marketing
  • Tell Your Buyer How to Consume and Be Successful
  • Surprise Your Students
  • Overloading Your Students
  • Stay In Contact
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Adult Learning Theory- Part II


Affiliate Marketing Bundle

24 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

The Affiliate Commission Machine: Maximizing Your Earnings
  • Overview
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Demystifying Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Simplified
  • Why You Should Be Using A Bonus Page
  • The Bonus Offer
  • Create A Killer Bonus
  • Bonus Page Anatomy
  • Your Bonus Page Video
  • How To Create Killer Bonuses
  • Bonus Page Graphics
  • How To Deliver Your Bonus
  • Conclusion
Unlocking the Potential of Bridge Pages for Your Business
  • The Overall Bridge Page Concept
  • The Offer And The Angle
  • How To Build The Page Itself Introduction to Bridge Page Marketing

How to earn $1000 per Day with Affiliate Marketing
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tactics
  • How to Find New Products to Promote
  • How to Make $1000 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing
  • The Most Important Channel For Affiliate Marketers
How to increase Your Traffic and Sales by Recruiting Affiliates
  • Creating Affiliate Page
  • Overview Of Affiliate Recruiting
  • Posting On JV Hubs
  • Recruiting Affiliates


Aspiring Marketers’ Workshop Bundle

20 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

The New Marketers Workshop
  • Niche Intersection
  • Niche Research Sites
  • Domains and Subdirectories
  • Set Up a Branded E-Mail Address
  • Connect Your New E-Mail To Your Client
  • An Easy to Start Blogging Platform
  • Website Alternatives
  • Information Marketing Platform
  • Choosing an Autoresponder or E-Mail Marketing Service
  • Your Sales System
  • Your Payment Gateway
  • Affiliate Discovery Networks and MMO
  • Landing Page Systems
  • Manage Your E-Mail Box
  • Membership Platforms and Product Delivery
  • Cloud Based Storage
  • Steaming Video to Your Customer
  • Your Support Desk or System
  • ChatGPT and HTML
  • Conclusion


Overall Business Management Bundle

77 Step-by-step Practical Video Trainings & Documents

Acquiring Businesses - A Guide to Buying and Taking Over Existing Businesses
  • The Business Acquisition Concept
  • Finding Businesses, Brokers And Lawyers
  • How to Get Funding For The  Acquisition Introduction to Business Acquisition

Enhance Your Copy with AI such as ChatGPT, Bing
  • Introduction to Conversational AI
  • Using AI to Find Copywriting Frameworks
  • Which Framework is Best
  • Using AI to Add Proof to Your Sales Presentation
  • Use the Right AI Tool for the Right Purpose
  • Use AI to Write A Call To Action
  • Use AI to Write Opt-In Page Copy
  • Use AI to Determine Images In Your Copy
  • Creating Images for Your Copy
  • Creating Headline Alternatives
  • Understanding Good and Bad AI Headlines
  • Use AI to Write a Sales Video Script
  • Stating the Framework
  • Use AI to Write Benefit Bullets
  • Use AI for Your Testimonial Requests
  • Using AI to Write a Guarantee
  • Using AI To Write the PS to Your Sales Letter
  • Signing Up for the Bing Searchbot
  • Conclusion – ChatGPT or Bing
Boosting Sales with Cold Calling: Mastering the Art of Phone-based Selling
  • Introduction to Cold calling
  • Vital Cold Calling Script Strategies
  • How to Hire or Outsource Cold Callers 03
Crowdfunding Strategies: Raising Capital for Your Business through Crowdfunding
  • Introduction to Crowdfunding and Its Types
  • Platforms for Crowdfunding
  • Maximize Your Campaign Overview Of Crowdfunding Video Tutorial
Overcoming Gatekeepers: Techniques for Bypassing Initial Obstacles
  • Overview Of Gatekeepers
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper
  • Pre-Call Intelligence Gathering Introduction to Gatekeepers

Advanced Platform Strategies for Success
  • Introduction to the High Level platform
  • Set Up the Trial Account
  • Affiliate Program for Customers
  • Affiliate Program for Non Customers
  • The High Level Agency Menu
  • Settings Menu
  • Live Chat Assistance For High Level Customers
  • Adding a Transactional E-Mail Service
  • Manual Onboarding for Customers
  • Membership Set Up In Your Company Account
  • Customizing The Membership Product
  • Set Up the Memership Offer
  • Set Up A Multi-Product Offer
  • Set Up An Upsell
  • Set Up Workflow for Autoresponder Connection
  • Set Up a Webhook Action In High Level
  • Set Up a Test Purchase
  • Connect the High Level Action to the Zapier Action
  • Take a Snapshot of Your Account And Pass to Your Customer
  • Give Your Customer Access To Their Account(2)
Integrating Online Learning into Your Business Operations
  • How to Record Your Lessons
  • Uploading And Creating Your Course
  • Motorizing And Managing Your Courses BONUS Video Everythin You Need to Create Proffessional Videos Introduction to Online Learning

Building Your First Automated Workflow: A Guide to Marketing Automation
  • Overview of Automation Concepts and Tools
  • Common Automation Workflows and Campaigns
  • How to Build Your First Workflow From Scratch Introduction to Automation Workflows

The Playbook for Hosting Successful Online Workshops
  • Changing PowerPoint Dimensions for Vertical
  • Changing Google Slides Dimensions
  • The Role of Your Broadcast System
  • Connect Using OBS Studio
  • Connect Using Zoom
  • Connect To Twitter
  • Connect to YouTube
  • Connect to Facebook LIVE
  • Using StreamYard to Multistream
  • Multisttreaming with Restream
  • Using Recorded Video with Multistreaming
  • Using Zapier to Connect Your Autoresponder to your rkshop Registration
  • Using Twitter Spaces
  • Using Spotify Live for Audio
  • Online Community Platforms
  • Branding and E-Mails
  • Using Polls
  • Sharing Mobile Screens
  • Sharing Videos During Your Workshop
  • Conclusion and Surveys


₦85,000 ₦60,000